To Hell

by Dropping Bombs



You slipped down, into the firing line like a brown envelope into a politician’s back pocket as his constituency chokes, on the fumes of greed - you are potential human debris! sold to the filthiest bidder, who always ask for more, your lives have only been jeopardized since they washed up on the shore. This empty shell will breed unless we kick it out to sea. Their refusal to acknowledge that with every yard of earth cracked, the bodies fit right in, and their bones will be stained black by that dirty fucking extract. It‘s happened once again. It’s happened before on foreign shores, when Ken Saro Wiwa stood up his limp body hung, then there were five locked up for challenging the corrupt, protecting the land for their daughters and sons. Because the majority will always stand by no matter where they’re from, but despite the apathy we must try to delay this pressure bomb from turning this fragile soil, causing a similar landslide to the one that ripped coffins from under headstones and dragged them out to sea, to where you should be, waving a flag of a shell and crossbones. A perfect example of corporate greed, they’ll poison the earth, poison the sea, poison their families with toxins released for outside their front door the pipeline will bleed billions of euros that we’ll never see, natural resources given for free. Poison the air that we all have to breathe – fuck off big oil get the fuck out to sea.


released November 24, 2012
recorded by James Eager at The Hive Studios, Kilcoole.


tags: punk Dublin


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Dropping Bombs Dublin, Ireland

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